Chryssa Galerie Denise Rene Paris

I met Chryssa at one of Bill’s dinner parties after he split from his wife Stella in 1976-77. They had been introduced through Max Ernst, who was one of her instructors in Paris.

CPLY had rented a duplex 1st Avenue and East 84th and hosted many salon’s, dinner parties, brunches, etc., which as his assistant, I helped organize. Andy Warhol was often present with his tape recorder trying to sell Bill one of his DOG paintings to help fund his movies.

As the CPLY Girl, my Greek heritage was well known and Chryssa was Greek. Another connection I had with Chryssa was that I had done my Art History Senior Final Thesis at Lake Forest College on Cyclatic art.

Chryssa worked in a variety of media; neon, light, sculpture, metal, acrylic and glass, always incorporating Cycladic Art forms into the complexities of form.

Chryssa hired me to work as her assistant, organizing extensive volumes of her prints, drawings and sketches which were perfectly organized in color -coordinated files on top of huge tables in one of the bedrooms. After a day’s work, I remember her cooking me Greek dinners, lamb, orzo, spinach and green beans with oil and vinegar. I stayed overnight often as we worked very late and were up early to continue cataloging She was a very serious and intense person, quite solitary, focused and disciplined.

Her time in New York affected her work, especially Times Square. “Times Square I relate to Byzantine art,” she said “The background of a mosaic or an icon.” The relationship of color, neon, space and form, transcending time and bringing the viewer back to The Early Bronze Age (around 3000 BCE) ancient greece and the beginnings of art. These forms were the first sculpture forms to develop in Europe, Turkey or Anatolia. Besides Chryssa, Picasso, Brncusi, Modigliani, Matisse, Giacometti and others were deeply influenced by Cyclatic Sculptural figurines

Published by Carin H Constant

Realtor Coldwell Banker Luxury Properties specializing Hamptons and North Fork, Long Island. I live in East Hampton New York and when I'm not trading equities and bonds at my Bloomberg terminal, I spend my time volunteering for animal rights organizations at Guild Hall and Parrish Museum, Jackson Pollock House, riding polo ponies at Two Trees Stables and Meadowbrook Polo club and learning yoga at Kama Deva.

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