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Mothers Day Dia De la Madre

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Yesterday,On Mother’s Day Dia de la Madre, my horses, Gallareta and Gitana arrived safely at Two Trees Stables in Bridgehampton. They played and won many BPP awards in Wellington Polo this past 2012 winter season. Poly ponies come from specific Argentine polo breeders and are bred for speed and agility. After the Wellington High Goal season was over (April 15th), my high goal polo partner, Lucas, dropped them off with other friends who were also shipping horses to the Hamptons to play the 2012 Summer Season. After being picked up The horses were “turned out” in Virginia for 1 month or so to eat and rest. It’s a long way to ship horses. Often the trip is broken down into 2 parts so both the groom, drivers and horses can rest somewhere in between Florida and New York, the most common resting spots are Virginia and South Carolina.

Once my horses arrive at my stables the routine is as follows until “official” High Goal Polo season begins in Bridgehampton. Two weeks of rest in the paddock, eating grass and hay. May 30th we begin to pony horses around the track for 1 hour at walk/trot. June 15th pony horses around track 1 hour, 15 minutes of galloping. Around June 20th I can begin to use the horses to stick and ball in the arena or on the grass polo field.

Lil’ Red Riding Hood

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Bogota Columbia

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