Author Archives: Carin H Constant

Carin Constant “a petite woman in white Versace Jeans emerged from the Jag”

Jack Smith Filmmaker performer Self Portrait magic marker on tissue paper East 2nd Street nyc

CPLY William Copley “ ‘76 and all that” Iolas Gallery

Main Beach Seal Pup with Mex

Jayne Mansfield by Simone Gad courtesy of Monique Knowlton Gallery

Jayne Mansfield Tableau 1982 Simone Gad courtesy Monique Knowlton Gallery

Leee Black Childers “Postcards to Charles Henri Ford” Iolas Gallery 1976

Martin Rosz”Dank an Carin” Peterson gallery Exhibition 1984 Collage, Acrilic on Paper 1980

Martin Rosz Thank you Carin oil on paper 1980 Petersen Galerie Berlin November 1984 exhibition

Rebecca Horn at Rene Block Gallery The Chinese Finance Dreaming Under Water starring Veruschka

Rebecca Horn Timothy Baum Andre Breton Max Ernst NYC published by Timothy

Chryssa Galerie Denise Rene Paris

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