Reversable Destiny’s Arakawa and Gin’s Bioscleave House

I met Madelaine Gins at the 2012 architect’s Steven Holl’s Christmas Party in his loft offices overlooking the Hudson River and Penn Station railroad tracks We bumped into each other hanging coats on the hallway coat racks. We got along instantly and exchanged contact information. She was especially interested in the fact that I livedContinue reading “Reversable Destiny’s Arakawa and Gin’s Bioscleave House”

Jayne Mansfield by Simone Gad courtesy of Monique Knowlton Gallery

Jayne Mansfield Tableau 1982 Simone Gad courtesy Monique Knowlton Gallery This is Simone’s installation I made for exhibition inclusion at Monique Knowlton Gallery-NYC where she was included in the New Talent Show 1980 and a solo exhibition in 1984 also, my work part of MoMA/PS1 Archives as one of the artists represented by the galleryContinue reading “Jayne Mansfield by Simone Gad courtesy of Monique Knowlton Gallery”