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Rebecca Horn at Rene Block Gallery The Chinese Finance Dreaming Under Water starring Veruschka

Rebecca Horn Timothy Baum Andre Breton Max Ernst NYC published by Timothy

Chryssa Galerie Denise Rene Paris

Jackie Curtis sings at His Aunts bar Slugger Ann’s on 2nd Ave and 12th street across from my bedroom

Larry Rivers video features Shirley Molinari Michel Auder

Carolee Schneemann “and for Carin” Up to and including her limits” 1976

Lil Picard photo Andy Warhol “Works 1943-1976” Goethe House 1976

Ray Johnson at Marc Roncallos home in Uniondale LI Thanksgiving 1983 published High performance Magazine Volume 5 number 4

Naco and I 2trees last Sunday

Alex Blanchard with 5 goal Toro Ruiz Bethpage Polo

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