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?>photo credit liang niCarin Constant was invited by some hunter jumper friends, Peggy and Jane at Two Trees Stables in Bridgehampton and Jim Rice Farms to attend the First USEF horse show for the 2012 season held at the Cornell Cooperataive in Yaphank, New York this past Sunday, April 28th.
Hosting the event was Jim Rice of Rice Farms (Brookville, NY). Jim manages 23 USEF (United States Equestrian Federation)-licensed horse shows on Long Island, he also was the past President of the Long Island Professional Horseman’s Association as well as the United States Hunter Jumper Association. Jim’s is involved with the USHJA and received the Hampton Classic Long Island Horseman of the year award in 2011.
Sunday’s cool and windy weather was an asset to over 200 competitors and exhibitors in over 10 classes of competition. Each of the 4 competition rings had excellent footing and was being dragged constantly to maintain a smooth footing. The categories were junior and amateur/owners Hunters, Performance Hunter, Children’s Hunters and Adult Hunters, and each class are rated 1-5.
If you’re around, Jim Rice’s hosting another competition in Yaphank Sunday, May 6th.
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Published by Carin H Constant

Realtor Coldwell Banker Luxury Properties specializing Hamptons and North Fork, Long Island. I live in East Hampton New York and when I'm not trading equities and bonds at my Bloomberg terminal, I spend my time volunteering for animal rights organizations at Guild Hall and Parrish Museum, Jackson Pollock House, riding polo ponies at Two Trees Stables and Meadowbrook Polo club and learning yoga at Kama Deva.

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