Mothers Day Dia De la Madre

Yesterday,On Mother’s Day Dia de la Madre, my horses, Gallareta and Gitana arrived safely at Two Trees Stables in Bridgehampton. They played and won many BPP awards in Wellington Polo this past 2012 winter season. Poly ponies come from specific Argentine polo breeders and are bred for speed and agility. After the Wellington High GoalContinue reading “Mothers Day Dia De la Madre”

Hunter Jumper Winners Circle Horse Show

<a href="; class="twitter- Latest News <? $count = 0; for($i=0;$i <a href="” target=”_blank” style=”color:#0000FF; font-family:Verdana;”> =7) break; } ?> Source: 1888PressRelease <? function RSStoArray($feed) { $handle = fopen($feed, "r"); $content = ""; while (!feof($handle)) { $data = fgets($handle, 512); $content .= $data; } $pass_ref = "http://&quot;.$_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"].$_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]; $xml_data = ";.$pass_ref; $handle1 = fopen($xml_data, "r"); while (!feof($handle1))Continue reading “Hunter Jumper Winners Circle Horse Show”